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My name is Irina and I love dogs – big ones, small ones, young puppies, pure breeds and mongrels.

I am a fully qualified dog trainer and work most days helping people improve the behaviour of their dogs – and I would love to help you too, if you will let me. You can learn more about me┬áby clicking here to go to my website
Well I’d like to say something about Dog training.
People have trained the dogs for thousand years but it’s only a short while ago that it become a profession. My strong opinion is that People doing dog training must be officially certified.
To be best prepared for this profession, you need a strong background in nonverbal communication, learning theory, breed traits, and basic veterinary issues. Dog trainers need understand and be able to use several methods of training and be able to choose which method is the most effective for each individual dog and owner or situation.
I am an International dog Trainer, born in St.Petersburg Russia and have lived in the UK for many years as a British citizen. For the last 5 years I have lived in the USA training dogs.
It has been a great opportunity to get more experience and learn something new.
My view is that balance is the most important thing in dog training.
The world of dog training has always been divided.

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I have my own opinion about what going on in Russia where everyone wants to teach dogs for protection but nobody knows what pet dog training is.

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In the UK it’s the opposite. Almost everybody uses clicker training. Some trainers doing clicker training become fanatics. Clickers allow the dogs to find out what will be rewarded but a clicker does not replace praise, petting, treats or play rewards
How can you teach a puppy or dog that is not fond of treats, toys or games, with clicker training method?
In this case you need to be capable of using an alternative method of training. In my practice I do use clickers for teaching dogs tricks.

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In the USA a lot of different methods of training are used. There are also a lot of Dog Trainers Associations.
Also I’d likes to say that I believe in LEADERSHIP. We are human. We think and judge our environment in human ways. This is OK when we are interacting with other humans.
Dogs are social animals, and they seek a proper social order. The ALPHA is clearly in Charge. All other pack members respect the alpha’s wishes.
Many dog owners think that they are automatically in charge but that’s not true! You need to establish the alpha position. If not your dog will become one and you will have a lot of problems!
But I think it’s very important for all dog trainers to promote humane methods of animal training, not use inhumane treatment, participate in continuing education activities and share information with other canine professionals.