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Very often people who have a dogs will come to our place to find answer -what they need to do with such and such problem with their dog.

This time it was a man.

He told me that his neighbour, a lovely lady, has a toilet problem with her 2 year old Dachshund named Angel.

angel mum 15pc Angel

Angel with her Mum

Background Information about Dachshunds

This funny looking dog was developed in Germany to chase, fight, and kills everything from foxes to badgers. It is definitely not a lapdog. Don’t expect it to sit on the couch all day

Who is this dog suitable for?

A single person or family who can give it careful attention and training.

These dogs like to eat and can become fat…


The Lady owner lives by herself and Angel is the only one sweet thing sharing her life.

The  kind gentleman and his family help this lovely lady by taking Angel for a walks every day and they plan to adopt her in the future.   

It’s why he decided to start having Angel trained.

He explained that Angel was never trained or socialized with other dogs before. Until I saw her I was thought the lack of socialization would cause us problems but surprisingly she is very confident and feeling OK surrounded by other dogs.

angel playing 15pc Angel

Angel is very friendly - she loves every one and wants to play

She is bright and very friendly.

But another problem is that she is overweight. She is probably double her ideal size.

Dog obesity is a big problem in many countries around the world

angel confident 15pc Angel

Angel is confident

angel crate 15pc Angel

Angel outside a crate

Asking the lady about Angel’s daily life I found out that Angel has no schedule

The Lady owner feeds her dogs food and human food whenever she wants to. This actually causes a lot of problems with Angels house training.

She is letting Angel go for potty on her yard by herself/in this case she never will know if Angel was doing her business or not as she pleased.

She was allowed the free run around the house.

Angel has never had any crate training and is allowed to stay in the bedroom.


I wrote a plan of action.

  1. To feed her only twice in day by schedule. Reduce her food and use only dog food.- leaving her bowl for only 30 minutes. If she doesn’t want to eat remove her  bowl till her next meal. It is OK to divide her daily food into thee portions – one for breakfast and one for dinner with the third used for treats to praise her. 
  2. Start crate training.
  3. Restrict her movement around the house. Keep an eye on her.
  4. Go with her outside to the toilet. Use a command and praise her if she goes.  
  5. Regularly take her for a brisk walk for a minimum of 20 minutes twice a day. 
  6. Take her to the vet to consult about weight management and to check her rear legs that looks already deformed.  

Also if she regularly comes to us, I will start training and walk with her as well.

Playing with other dogs will build her muscles and will help to reduce her weight.


Consistency following this plan of action is is very important now.


I believe that very soon Angel will become an active happy Dachshund!



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