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Archie is a very cute three and a half month old French bulldog mix.

 French bulldog mix Archie

Training Archie

It’s so good that Archie’s owners understand how important it is to start training as soon as possible. Well trained dogs are welcome almost anywhere because they behave around people and other dogs. It’s a pleasure to take them for walk; they can go on trips with the family and it is safe to be around them.
The positive training methods make puppy training a happy experience that tightens a puppy’s bond with humans while it learns.

 French bulldog mix Archie


The age at which a puppy is separated from the mother and litter-mates influences those behaviors important for becoming a good dog. About 8 weeks it is the ideal time for puppies to leave the nest for their new homes. Puppies that are kept too long with litter-mates will grow up too dog oriented. The dog will not care about people and it will be more difficult to train.
If a puppy is separated from his canine family to soon he will be attached too much to people who become overprotective. It and can also lead to the development of aggression towards other dogs.
Between five month and one year of age, puppies suddenly become the equivalent of a rebellious human teenager.
Some dogs will suddenly refuse commands that they’ve previously obeyed. They may break housetraining. They may start mouthing and biting. The best way to avoid trouble is to make training part of a puppy’s life. Make him sit before you feed hen make him sit every time you give him his favorite toy, call him to come. Make him down and stay when you are watching TV or send him to the “place” when family have a dinner.
Remember a dog will follow the leader.

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