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Duly is a Beagle mix about 2 years old

 Beagle mix Duly


Duly was adopted by very nice family a few months before he start training with me. Previously Duly was living with an older lady and he wasn’t well socialized with other dogs. That is why, when he start training, he was showing *fear aggression towards other dogs in the class. After attending obedience classes and regularly visiting for day care he has learnt how to communicate with other dogs and avoided arguments.

 Beagle mix Duly

Duly with parents

The goal with an aggressive dog is to teach him to ignore other dogs – not to love them Never force a dog to make a friends with other dogs. Instead he need to pay attention to his owner. A handler must learn to bring a dog under control before he goes ballistic.
To reach your goal, first you need to train the dog obedience – to obey instructions, then add distractions and then other dogs.

 Beagle mix Duly

Duly with other dogs

Fearful aggression is actually an example of defensive, rather than aggressive behavior. A dog wants another dog to go away not to fight with it.
This type of behavior happens when:
• a dog has had a bad experience with another dog
• there has been a lack of socialization with other dogs.

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