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I think everyone knows composer Ludwig van Beethoven and of course one movie character, a St. Bernard named Beethoven, but this time I want to tell you about one little Pomeranian guy who’s name Beethoven as well.
beethoven 20pc Little Beethoven


He is now 11 months old but the first time I met him he was just three and a half months old.

He was so tiny like furry ball. His owner asked me to teach him to ring the bell and start obedience training but Beethoven he wasn’t fond of any treats or toys.

I started using the “Gentle Guiding” method, method – a method we can use in situations when a dog is not interested in any treats or games. This method uses gentle physical guiding to help a dog display the desired behavior.


For example to tech dog “sit”:

  • start with the dog standing in front of you
  • place your right hand against his chest and your left hand on his shoulders
  • keep your right hand against his chest and with your left hand stroke down the entire length of the dog’s back, over the tail all way to dog’s knee
  • with a little pressure from your right hand, use the left hand to scoop dog into the sitting position with the command “sit”
  • take your hands off the dog

Use the gentle guiding method in a wise, caring manner – ensuring the dog is never hurt.

It should be NOT be used with dogs having certain health issues – such as hip or back problems.

Sometimes when puppy grows older they become more interested about treats.  In this case we can then start using the Lure and Reward method. This is what actually happened in Beethoven’s case.

Now Beethoven is different dog. He loves treats, toys, he is ringing the bell at home when he needs to go outside. He also he likes to play with other dogs especially with big ones.

beethoven dad 65pc Little Beethoven

Beethoven with Dad

His parents have been very consistent and patient during his training. Now their hard work has paid off and they have a little but very well mannered dog that makes them very proud!

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