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Bella is an 18 month old old Boxer

 Boxer Bella


Bella lives with her family – Mum, Dad, 3 girls and another dog.
She went through obedience training in Puppy classes, completing them by the time she was 5 months old
Bella was also coming regularly to basic classes until the beginning of this summer – for day care and to play with friends and to her refresh training.
Yesterday Mum brought Bella again, explaining that she was in the process of divorcing her husband. Now Bella and the other family dog have developed some destructive behavior – scratching walls, chewing everything and peeing on the carpet in the family room.
When I asked her how many time she was now walking with the dogs – Mum told me that she stopped take dogs for walks regularly.

*Divorce is a very stressful fact of life and if there are any pets in the household it will affect them too.
Dogs are creatures of habit and any change in family life will cause discomfort and stress that can lead to destructive behavior.Â

During the time Bella was with me I practiced all of the obedience commands and she is still very good at these.

 Boxer Bella
Bella Training

When mum arrived to pick up Bella I was giving her some tips that will help them to go through this tough period

1)  Increase daily exercises. Explore new places.

2) Try to keep a daily routine for activities such as feeding, walking and games

3) Refresh obedience training. Training stimulates the dogs mind and burns up a great deal of mental energy having a naturally calming effect

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