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Bella is a 9 months old Bull Mastiff

 Bull Mastiff Bella

Bella with Family

Bella is courageous, calm, and loving. She is very attach to her family. Her parents started training Bella when she was a young puppy.

 Bull Mastiff Bella

Bella with Dad

Bull mastiff are a very independent dogs, and like to make their own decisions. However, with good training, a Bullmastiff will look to its owner for “permission” to act on its instincts. Early socialization and obedience training with all members of the family will teach the dog to look to them before taking action.

 Bull Mastiff Bella

Bella training

Now Bella is 9 months old. She is coming regularly to refresh her training and to play with other dogs. Soon Bella will take her AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Good Luck Bella!

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