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A gentleman comes in alone with Buster this morning, stating the dog doesn’t pay attention when called, is hyper, loves other dogs, and when walking on a leash “wanders” and is usually very excited. The couple has tried a harness, but claim it is ineffective.

Before the man leaves, I tell him I need for both of them to come to pick up Buster. Then I begin a series of commands which Buster needs to learn: WATCH ME/ SIT/ SIT-STAY/ IGNORE. Following this, I train him in the proper way of walking on a leash.

When the couple arrives for pickup, I first spend about thirty minutes with them (without the dog) explaining the commands and exercises. Then they walk Buster on a leash with good results. When he tried to get ahead or pull, I demonstrated how to get his attention (i.e.- turning and walking in the opposite direction).

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