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Dachshund Zoe and the the "Come" command

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Zoe is a 9 month old Dachshund

 Dachshund Zoe and the the "Come" command


Zoe is very energetic & playful but disobedient because she never went with her mum through obedience training. Biggest problem for Zoe’s Mum is that Zoe never* comes to her if she calls.

We have just started training with Zoe. She is a very good student and already making big progress. Her Mum is also learning a lot and practices with all of the exercises regularly with Zoe.

Tips for teaching the ‘Come’ command

When you start to practice the ‘come’ command keep your dog leashed so that he will not learn to ignore you when you cal. If the dog doesn’t come to  you ,very gently pull it toward you with the leash

Whenever your dog comes to you, be nice.

Use a happy tone of voice and not a threatening or high pitched one to encourage the dog to come.

Never call a dog to come for anything it sees as unpleasant – such as cleaning its ears or clipping its nails. In this situation, Go and get the dog. Otherwise the dog will think it’s being punished for coming to you

 Dachshund Zoe and the the "Come" command

Zoe Training

Back up or run in the opposite direction when calling your dog.

After your dog comes to you, touch his collar first before you reward him with a treat.

Otherwise the dog may develop the annoying habit of playing catch – coming towards you and then moving away, just out of reach!

Poodle Shih Tzu mix Grace

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Grace is a 14 week old Poodle Shih Tzu mix

 Poodle Shih Tzu mix Grace


Grace is a very cute young puppy. On her first day she was a little bit unsure in her new environment – a new place, new people, and different dogs. Now, after a few visits she is doing very well.

 Poodle Shih Tzu mix Grace

Grace with friends

Grace is playing with other dogs, and has learnt the sit-stay, down-stay and come commands.

 Poodle Shih Tzu mix Grace

Grace learning the Down command

We are now practicing walking on a leash with Grace.

Follow the following steps to teach your dog to walk on a leash:

  1. Begin by using a happy voice to say “lets go” or some other phrase you like.
  2. Start walking. Pat your leg and show a treat to encourage puppy to follow you.
  3. If your puppy starts to wander away and tightens the leash, say “easy”.  Then turn and walk in a direction away from the puppy. Don’t jerk on the leash. That will happen automatically if the puppy doesn’t pay attention. Don’t slow down and wait for the puppy.  It’s the puppy’s responsibility to keep that leash slack.