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Puggle Rocco

Rocco is a 2 year old Puggle

A while ago a lady stopped by with her dog Rocco to ask for information about training.

rocco Puggle Rocco

Puggle Rocco

Rocco is a  2 year old Pug – Beagle mix.  His Mum explained that Rocco showed some aggression towards people and dogs when he is walking on his leash – which is also a problem. Rocco knows the Sit command but he doesn’t stay when and he doesn’t like to go down. She also explained that Rocco is a defiantly dominant dog and she blame herself that because he wasn’t proper socialized with other dogs and people when he was younger and also she didn’t continue obedience training after puppy classes.

rocco2 Puggle Rocco

Rocco training

Two weeks ago we started training with Rocco.  First visit when his Mum left he wasn’t very confident – just nervous and growling at our staff with no desire to play with any other dogs, Instead he was just moving around play room. The seconds visit when we started obedience training he began showing interest in other dogs…

rocco3 300x240 Puggle Rocco

Rocco playing

Now after 5 visits Rocco is doing great with obedience training, with dogs and people. He is also learning to play with other dogs – click here to watch him on our Student’s videos

rocco4 Puggle Rocco

Obedient Rocco

Roccos family made a big effort to practice with him regularly very soon they want their lovely Rocco to become a Canine Good Citizen.

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Labrador Lulu and the Stay command

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Labrador Lulu and the Stay command

The first time I met* Lulu and her new owner in October they had come to refresh obedience training.

lulu1 300x216 Labrador Lulu and the Stay command

Lulu & Mom

Yesterday I met Lulu again. Her mum told me that Lulu is a wonderful dog and they get together very well

*Lulu is Now Is an eight year old Yellow Labrador. She is very friendly, with a non stop wagging tail and happy smile.

Lulu was adopted (from home where she was no loner wanted) by very lovely lady who lost her husband a couple months ago…

The only things that bothers mum is that Lulu gets very exited when the door bell ring and visitors come into the house.

Mum doesn’t know what to do …

After Mum left me with Lulu, I started practicing the Sit-Stay and Down-Stay commands from a distance. Lulu had already been through obedience training with me before. At first she tried to break commands but by the end of the day she was doing everything very well.

lulu2 300x167 Labrador Lulu and the Stay command

Labrador Lulu learning the Down stay command

Mom will practice it with Lulu at home and ask her neighbors to help her by becoming her “visitors”

When the door bell rings, Lulu’s mum will make Lulu down- stay before going to open the door. When people will come in they will ignore Lulu but after while Mum will release Lulu.

Next Time Lulu will learn the Place command and Stay -Place.

After she has learnt these, when door the bell rings Mum will then just send Lulu to her Place to stay until the time is right for Mum to release her.

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