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Travel with your dog by car

Travel with your dog by car

Most owners travel with their dogs by car.

It’s very important to prepare for a safe and comfortable trip.

Special seat belts

car travel Travel with your dog by car

Special Seat Belts

These special seat belts are very simple to use – just slide the rectangular clip into any standard seatbelt receptacle and snap the swivel leash clip to your dog’s harness.

car travel2 Travel with your dog by car

Dog secured with a special seat belt

This item is specifically designed to be just as effective as a standard seat belt!


car travel3 Travel with your dog by car

Dog secured with a harness

Harnesses work with your safety belt and feature quick-release buckles.

They allow your pet to sit or stand comfortably while keeping him secure.

Well ventilated  Crate

car travel4 Travel with your dog by car

Dog in a well ventilated crate


car travel5 Travel with your dog by car

Two Dogs in a Carrier

car travel6 Travel with your dog by car

Car Travel Carrier

car travel7 Travel with your dog by car

Lookout Dog Car Travel Seat

Look- out Car Seat for Dogs

Pet car seats allow for dog’s natural curiosity looking out of the window while minimizing motion sickness. Attach easily to any vehicle’s seat belt for complete safety.

Avoid feeding your dog three to four hours prior to your trip to avoid motion sickness.

During your trip stop every few hours so your dog can stretch his legs, go potty and drink water.

Never leave your dog unattended in the car for a long time.

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Kids and Dogs

Kids, Parents and Dogs

kids dogs Kids and Dogs

Two Children with their Dog

One of the worst reasons to get a dog is:

I want to get a dog for my kids, so they can learn about responsibility

If Mom and Dad would like to have a dog, by all means they should have one.

Before the age of 10 children are generally unable to care for any pet adequately because they are not developmentally ready without the help of an adult.

No matter how many lectures you give about how they need to feed/ water/walk the dog, the final responsibility will always be yours. A canine is not a teaching tool. The best way to teach responsibility is for parents to provide a good example by taking good care of dog.

kids dogs2 Kids and Dogs

Children Playing with their Dog

The relationship between a dog and child can be magical, but it’s not automatic.

Guidelines and advice about owning a dog are available from many sources but these hould be read by adults rather than children and certainly not by the dog!

kids dogs3 Kids and Dogs

Mum, Dad and Children with their Dog

Obviously adults need to teach children to be safe around dogs. The language used by dogs is subtle. The vocal noises and the body posters need to be translated so that children can become conversant in canine behavior and happily SPEAK DOG

To find more information and downloaded some training material go on:

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