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Our canine friend Jessie, a lovely almost two year old English Springer Spaniel.

 English Springer Spaniel canine friend Jessie


Jessie is an * English Springer Spaniel – now almost two years old. When I first started her training she knew only the sit command.
First I showed her how to * walk on a leash. Then I taught her the commands down & stay, come, ignore…

 English Springer Spaniel canine friend Jessie

Jessie walking

*Long walks with your dog are a great exercise, and a great way to build a stronger bond between the two of you. Teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash without pulling you is the first step towards creating a lifetime of good exercise.

Most dogs pull on their leash because they want to go faster.

You‘ve probably seen dogs tugging on their leash whilst choking and gagging, but still continuing to drag their owners down on the street.

Most dogs that pull their owners have two things in common:

  • Leader-type personality
  • Lack of exercise and mental stimulation at home

A dog that charges out the front door and then drags his owner down the street thinks he’s in charge.

Make your dog to sit & stay before you open the door, keep him at this position until you let him go out.  You go first since you are leader of the pack and then make him WALK though the door.

 *These spaniels tends to have a moderate energy level. They do have exceptional stamina and need moderate amounts of activity, to focus their minds and provide exercise. Although the needs do vary different for each individual dog, English Springers need plenty of exercise in order to run off their excess energy. Their long-legged build makesthemt among the fastest of the spaniels. These dogs can be over excitable but adequate walking can prevent this.

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