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Raven is a 5 month old *German Shorthaired Pointer – GSP

 German Shorthaired Pointer Raven


Raven started training yesterday. She is typical a 5 month puppy: playful & curious. She likes to jump on people and she was a little bit nervous on her fist visit. Her owners are planning to start special training for hunting when Raven reaches 1 year old, but for now I have started basic obedience training.

 German Shorthaired Pointer Raven

Raven Training

The German Shorthaired Pointer, or GSP, has a distinctly independent character and superior intelligence. Any unused energy will likely result in the dog amusing itself, most probably in an undesirable manner.

Lack of sufficient exercise and/or proper training can cause a German Shorthaired Pointer to appear hyperactive or create destructive tendencies

 *The GSP is usually very good with children, although care should be taken because the breed can be boisterous especially when young. These dogs love interaction with humans and appreciate active families who will give them an outlet for their energy.

The German shorthaired pointer needs plenty of vigorous activity. This need for exercise (preferably off lead) coupled with the breed’s natural instinct to hunt, means that training is an absolute necessity.

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