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This week one of our students will be one year old

Her name is Reba and she is a Lhasa Apso mix.

reba basket 18pc Happy Birthday Reba!


 I first met owner Jackie just before she was going to bring her new Puppy Reba at home.

reba jackie Happy Birthday Reba!

Reba and Jackie

Soon after Reba had recovered from all of her vaccinations she start training with us. Reba is sweet, very claver and very confident little dog with a bright personality, plenty of attitude and a strong will.

Because she started training as a puppy she is very well socialized.

Training her was pleasure.

Reba and Jackie are two of my best students.

When she was 6 month old Reba became an AKC Canine Good Citizen.

But she is still with us.

reba akc cgc 15pc Happy Birthday Reba!

Reba an AKC CGC

It is so important that Pet parents of little dogs do training with them and will take it seriously, because even little dogs with small body can be very aggressive and bite and bark…..

reba happy birthday cropped 30pc Happy Birthday Reba!

Happy Birthday Reba


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