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happy1 Happy Is Happy

Happy as a10 month Dachshund

In her early puppy hood Happy didn’t socialize with other dogs – because she was so little  and her owners were too protective of her. She only played with one other family dog.

It was an older Dachshund from the family. The reason Happy was brought to us was to socialize her with other dogs. Happy wasn’t too happy with the same species and we needed to teach her discipline.


Her owners loved her a lot and let her do everything that she wanted to. She was their  BABY – just like a human… and now when she became older she started to show her attitude. She didn’t know anything at all about discipline or obedience training. She was jumping on people, barking to demand attention and pulling on her leash.

In the beginning she was nervous around other dogs but didn’t show any aggression. She was following me around the training room.

We started obedience training with walking on leash .She is very smart and her parents were willing to learn how to control her when she is naughty.

I needed to spend a lot of time to train them!

happy place command2 25pc Happy Is Happy

Place command

Now Happy is so good .She know s all commands and she respect her owners.

happy walking2 Happy Is Happy

Waking on leash


Happy become a Happy DOG

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