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Leroy – a 4 month old Havanese puppy

 Havanese Puppy Leroy


Leroy is a typical Havanese puppy:
“Havanese” puppies are true “dogs” – loving to play in an aggressive manner and not wanting to be the “loser” of whatever game they are playing.
Leroy likes to* bark. It is best to teach them not to bark unnecessarily while they are still young to prevent it from becoming a habit.
Leroy is smart and energetic with a very high ability to learn.
On his first day training, I was practiced with him how to walk on leash as well as the “come”, “sit” and “down” commands

 Havanese Puppy Leroy

Leroy training

*Excessive Barking is so rewarding that your dog can easily slip into the habit.
Owners often accidentally train their dogs to bark, by rewarding the dog with attention, even if it is negative, when he is barking.
Make sure not to reward his barking – especially by yelling at him.
Often, teaching the dog to bark on command can go a long way toward preventing a barking problem. It allows the owner to tell the dog when to turn off and stop.
Make sure your dog gets enough exercise and mental stimulation.
Give him a chew toy or bone to occupy him.

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