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How to use the Place Command

 How to use the Place Command

Dog in Place

When you tell your dog go to the Place: The Dog should cease whatever activity it’s engaged in and go to a prearranged place.

Put down a mat, blanket, bathmat, pillow or something else for your dog to lie down.

Put the collar on your dog and get your leash ready.

Have plenty of treats readily available.

Put a teat down on the mat, toward the back edge farther away from the dog.

Take your dog a foot away from the mat and slack up on the leash.

Say PLACE and let your dog go to get the treat. Have it sit or (better) go down and tell him Stay Place, after a few second praise and then release it.

Practice regularly and gradually move further away from the mat.

Soon you will able to send the dog to its PLACE from anywhere in the house.

 How to use the Place Command

'Place' Training

The “Place command” is very useful when visitors ring the front door bell: visitors come in, your dog remains in his place with no jumping and no stress!

 How to use the Place Command

Another dog in Place

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