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Paco is an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier

 Jack Russell Terrier Paco


When I first spoke with Paco’s mum she told me that no one wants to take Paco for a walk because he pulls on his leash very badly, growls at people and dogs who are passing by, demands attention, jumps on people, and actually he rules the house.

During the training it became very clear that Paco is a very* dominant dog and lack of training with lack of leadership from his owners has made the situation even worse.

*A dominant dog that is brought into a strong family will normally accept his new position without any problems. If his parents do not assert themselves as pack leaders, the dog may challenge them for dominance.

 Jack Russell Terrier Paco

Paco training with Mum

With regular practice and consistency of training Paco and his parents are making good progress.

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