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kalli 14weeks 20pc Kalli

Kalli at 3.5 months

Kalli, a Havanese, was just 14 weeks old when she started coming for training.
Now she is seven and a half months old.

kalli with mum 65pc Kalli

Kalli with mum

Kalli was good with people but didn’t show any interests towards other dog and had no wish to play with them. She would just sit or lie down.

Her training it was a little problem too. She was’t fond of treats, toys, or games and because of that the ”Lure and reward” method* of training which I usually use for such young puppies wouldn’t work for her.


*The “Lure and reward” method uses treats or a toy to lure a dog into position. The trainer then rewards the dog after he demonstrates the desired behavior.


Instead I started using ”Gentle Guiding”*  to tech her obedience commands.


* “Gentle Guiding”  uses gentle physical guiding to help a dog display the desired


kalli playing cropped 35pc Kalli

Kalli playing



Kalli’s  Mom is wonderful a pet parent. During these past four months she has regularly brought Kalli for training and socialization with dogs. And it’s paid off!

Kalli is now a different dog. She is very obedient, plays with other dogs and becomes very active and very energetic.




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