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An older couple recently visited due to a problem with their 5-month old Shih Tzu puppy, Teddy. It seems the woman cannot control him, because she lets Teddy do anything he pleases. He acts as though he is the “King of the Castle.” Some problems include barking, demanding attention, and not coming when called. Of course, Teddy is refusing to walk with the man (since he tries to keep the dog under control).

Obedience training is definitely required, and on the first day I taught Teddy the commands SIT/ SIT-STAY/ DOWN, as well as practicing how to walk on a leash and exercises for going through doors (SIT while the owner goes through, then the dog can pass). Teddy was very friendly and sociable with the other dogs.

When the couple arrives for pickup, I show them the exercises, and Tedy even responds better when the husband takes him for a walk. They will come for another training session today.

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