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Lucy is a happy Labradoodle puppy almost 4 month old.

 Labradoodle Lucy


I first spoke with Lucy’s Mom about her training a few weeks ago. At that time Lucy was having all of the vaccinations she needed, appropriate for her age.

Young puppies do gain some immunity through their mother’s milk. Also, a traditional series of puppy vaccinations is administrated over several months.

If a puppy isn’t socialized until after it receives all its vaccinations, then it misses its chance for early socialization. Puppy’s day care and training lets pups sort it out for themselves, under the watchful eye of a trainer. Many owners aren’t prepared for the rough play and rank testing in which puppies indulge. By observing the pup’s owners get used to the idea of letting dogs greet each other without their interference. As part of puppy play sessions, puppies that get too rough can be given time-outs to help them learn better self-control. Shy puppies need to be protected from hyper ones, but they should be allowed to make their own advances as much as possible.

It is very important for puppy owners to learn how to meet other people with dogs:

  1. You should ask the other owner if it is OK for the dogs may greet each other
  2. You should keep your dog leash slack to avoid interfering during the meeting.
 Labradoodle Lucy

Lucy Training

During Lucy’s training she will learn various commands, such as:

  • Walk on leash. Controlled walking. When you let go, the dog should stay reasonably close to its owner
  • Sit. The dog should sit in an erect position with all its weight on its haunches.
  • Down. The dog should assume a position on the ground with its front legs extended forward hind legs relaxed, stomach should be flat.
  • Come. The dog should come to the person calling it.
  • Place. The dog should cease whatever activity it’s engaged in and go to a prearranged place.
  • Release The dog becomes aware that it’s no longer working.
  • Stand. The dog should stand on all four lags.
  • Stay. The dog should remain where it is without moving forward.
  • Give. The dog should forfeit whatever it has to its owner or handler.

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