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Playful 7 month old Labrador mix Miles

 Labrador mix Miles

Miles learning to socialise

Miles lives in a family with two young kids.
He is very jumpy and Mom doesn’t know how to stop him.
Also he needs to improve his walking on a leash.
Miles is very energetic and he loves to play with other dogs. He loves people but becomes nervous in unfamiliar environments – caused by a lack of proper *socialization.

 Labrador mix Miles

Miles training

The fist thing his owner must do to help stop or prevent Miles jumping is to ignore this behavior by:
• Ignore jumping up – just turn and walk away.
• If walking away makes him jump up more:
o Stand still and wait until till he stops jumping.
o Praise him but do not speak
o Do not touch
o Do not make eye contact with him – if you DO he will start jumping up again!
You can also help prevent jumping up by making him sit. Keep treats handy!

 Labrador mix Miles


To help Miles overcome his fears of different environments, his owner must take Miles to different places – such as:
• sidewalk café
• friend’s home
• beach
• vets office
• grooming salon
• playground
• pet supply store
This will help him to become more confident.

*Socializations is the process of exposing a dog to a wide variety of different people, objects, animals, situations, and environments.

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