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Maggie is a 14 week old Labrador Pointer mix.

 Labrador Pointer mix Maggie


Maggie is a very young, cute and energetic puppy.
On her first day in our facility she was doing great!
Maggie learnt how to sit-stay and down-stay. I *practiced with her walking on a leash and the “come command”. She also met a lot of new friends.

 Labrador Pointer mix Maggie

Maggie training

Let puppy play first. Otherwise, it is difficult to hold his attention. Keep training sessions short – 5 to 10 minutes, several times per day.

Be patient. Keep showing your puppy what to do until he responds and then praise him (use high tone of voiceto mean approval)

Never lose your temper with your puppy. He won’t understand why you are angry and he may fear you.

Be firm and consistent. Be sure to use the same tone of voce (low and authoritative) and the same words when giving command.

End each training session on a positive note (a command showing your puppy he is doing very well).

Exercising puppy

Exercise is an important part of a puppy’s overall health, but it should be appropriate for his age and energy level, until the puppy develops good motor skill and balance.

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