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Winston is a 1 year old black Labrador retriever.

 Labrador Retriever Winston


Winston went though our course of obedience training and shows good results. His parents practice with him a lot at home and from time to time he is comes back to us for refresh exercises and to play with his friends. He likes to play fetch but before then he needed to learn how to hold an object in his mouth.

To train a dog to hold an object, use a “retrieve dummy”. Do not use squeaky toy because your dog will want to chew it. You will reward your dog only with verbal or physical praise. The dog must continue to hold the retrieved object.

  • First introduce to your dog an object that you will use for him to retrieve in this exercise.
  • Make your dog (Max) sit and kneel beside the dog.
  • Gently open his mouth and say “Max, good dog”
  • Hold Max’s head up and put the object into his mouth. He must hold it correctly-behind his canine teeth, with his tongue retracted.
  • Give the command “Max, hold”.
  • Max must hold it for while. Praise him by saying “Good, Max, to hold” then retrieve it from him.
  • Bring the object close to his nose and then move it down towards the floor. He should follow the object.
  • Praise him by saying”Max, very good”
  • Put the object on the floor but do not take your hand away. As Max moves forward to take object give command “Max, hold”
  • Remove your hand by saying “Max, hold”and Max should pick it up.
  • Praise Max dog verbally with “Good, Max, to hold”

 Once a dog has learnt to hold and pick up an object, you can teach him Fetch.

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