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Our canine friend Layla, a 5 month old new puppy Terrier mix.

 German Shepherd mix canine friend Layla


I have been Dog training for a long time, but it still amazes me almost everyday how fast Dogs and Puppies can learn. Last Friday I start training with a new puppy Layla – a 4 month old German shepherd mix.

I was talking with her Mom a few days before she started bringing her and she told me that it would be a big challenge for me. She said that they couldn’t control her at all. Layla wouldn’t respond when they called her and she didn’t like to walk on leash.

On Friday Layla arrived!

I let her investigate our training room, she was very confident and didn’t show any fear. After a wile I introduced her to a puppy the same age. She started to play straight away. Within twenty minutes she was playing with all dogs.

But when I started training Layla was really something! On the leash she was all over me… I tried to keep her on my right using a treat to get her attention – but it was no help! After a while she started following me. I was teaching her to sit and stay, make eye contact with me, the Look command, Come from short distance and to lure her into the down position.

When her parent arrived I spent about 40 minutes talking to them about training and they was practiced with Layla for while.

Today, Monday, Layla came for training again. When she arrived, Mom told me that all weekend they had been practicing and Layla was doing great. Mom told me that already Layla is different dog.

 German Shepherd mix canine friend Layla

Training Layla

Now slowly I will add more criteria. Three criteria, that can verify the consistency of a dog’s skill and knowledge of behavior and commands are time, distractions, and distance.

Never move quickly when working on criteria. Each criterion builds on the previous one.

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