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Last week, a  couple came in concerning problems with their two dogs, a German Pointer  and a Vizsla, both females.


It seems that sometime before Christmas, their married daughter saw a Vizsla and made a quick decision that she had to have one.  After getting her dog, Lola, at about 8 weeks, she asked her parents to watch her for a week.  Ten days later, she told her parents she really doesn’t have time to take care of Lola and her children, and asked them to keep her.


The couple has their own dog, Sadie, a 4-year old German Pointer.  Now, approximately seven months later, the two dogs have formed a strong bond, but there are problems….


The gentleman now requires a knee replacement and was planning to have his wife take care of the dogs, but she is unable to control them on leash. But in 5 weeks they both must learn to walk on loose leash from the left.  

Lola is a hyper dog and very active.

We began training for Lola last week.  Because Lola has had no socialization with other dogs and exhibits fear around others, I suggested separate training for the two dogs.  This week Lola has made good progress, and now responds positively to commands such as SIT, STAY, DOWN, and does well walking on a leash, in addition to socialization with the other dogs.  Her fear has greatly diminished.


The owners are quite pleased with  Lola’s progress, and  today we began training for Sadie.

Story will continue

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