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lily barney 20pc Lily and Barney

Lily and Barney

These two 2 year old Miniature Poodles live with a retired couple who have a very active life and travel a lot. Each summer they live in the north of the USA. Then each winter they leave for the South.  When we started training they knew only the “Sit” command and had a little bit of a jumping issue – something common with our canine friends.

I told the parents that they needed to stop paying attention when Lily and Barney demand it and only pay attention when they are good. This is advice I need to give to owners to help them learn how to become a leader of the pack.


Pack Leaders Get Attention

We need to practice the Look command:

a)      Hold a treat and raise it in front of your face

b)      Tell the dog “Lily, look” (but use your dog’s name instead of Lily. If the dog makes eye contact with you immediately give a reward treat and say “Good Lily Look”.

c)      Practice this exercise until your dog will make eye contact with you each time when you say “Max Look!” you can try to hold a treat longer.

Pack Leaders control Meal Schedules.

Pack Leaders Go First

Pack Leaders Eat First

Pack Leaders don’t respond to the demands of their subordinates.

That includes attention, petting, and games.

Pack Leaders Communicate Confidently.

lily barney2 20pc Lily and Barney

Is this Lily or Barney practicing?

Lily and Barney’s parents were practicing obedience training at home three times a day for 15 min with each dog.

Note that it is very important to end your dog practice on positive note – after the dog has done something correctly.

lily barney3 20pc Lily and Barney

Mom with Lily and Barney

In the past few weeks Lily & Barney and their parents have learnt a lot.


Well Done Guys!





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