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”A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”

-Josh Billings

mattie 20pc Mattie


It’s very exciting bringing a new puppy to your home.

You probably can’t wait to show your friends the cutie. But remember, your puppy is suddenly in an environment that he doesn’t know.

Give him some time to adjust to his new home.



When can I start training my puppy? This is very common questions from a New Puppy Owners.

Answer: The Sooner the better! The most common reasons that so many puppies and dogs end up in the shelters or pounds are related to behavior problems. Now you have a puppy, you also have the responsibility to train your puppy to behave. Repetition and consistency are the keys to achieving this.* Puppies go through learning period between seven and sixteen weeks. You need to be constantly exposing your young puppy to as many other dogs, people and environments.

 It’s important for pups to learn how to be a dog by interacting with a wide-range of other pups. Socialization is very important factor in creating well-balanced dog.


*Before you start training your puppy needs to complete his course of vaccinations so it is safe for him to go out into the big world.


This week I started training with a 12 week old Bichon Frise Puppy – Mattie.

mattie with me 20pc Mattie

Mattie with me

Mattie is a second dog in the family. The older dog is 9 years old and he was adopted by Mattie’s parents when he was about 2 years old. They have some issues with him – we will see it next week when they bring him for training. This time when they took a puppy they decided to start training right away to avoid behaviors problems with Mattie in future.

mattie walking 20pc Mattie

Mattie walking on a loose leash

I really fell in love with this cutie. Mattie is very confident, has a very good temperament, loves every one and has a very high ability to learn. Mattie quickly becomes friends with all kind of dogs. It really was fun practicing exercises with her.

mattie ring bell 20pc Mattie

Mattie - ring the bell

We were practicing Look, Walking on loose leash, Sit Stay, Come, Down, and  Ring the Bell with her.

mattie down 20pc Mattie

Mattie - Down

This weekend her parents will have a lot of time to practice at home with her and I will help her next week with more training.

mattie playing 20pc Mattie

Mattie playing

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