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molly 20pc Molly a Miniature Schnauzer   Halter Training


“Very intelligent and easy to train.” This description of a Schnauzer exactly characterizes one of my ”students” Molly – a 9 month old Miniature Schnauzer.

In couple weeks Molly has learnt all of the obedience training commands and she is really good at it.


But there is a problem. She lives with a couple who are in their late seventies. Her dad has had two hips replaced and her mom has a problem walking too, but Molly is a young energetic dog who needs a few good walks every day to reduce her level of energy.

In the morning  a dog walker takes her for walk and Molly walks with her very nicely  but in the evening  Dad takes Molly for walk and she tries to pull him all the time. She needs a Leader and she know that Dad is not strong enough – that’s why she will ignore him and pool on the leash.

For her training I had been using a “No-slip collar” but it’s not so easy for her parents to use. Today I used a *head halter instead and when her Dad arrived to pick her up I showed him how to walk her with halter. He was pleased. I give him head halter to practice with for couple days – hopefully it will work for them.

molly2 20pc Molly a Miniature Schnauzer   Halter Training

Molly walking

*Halters apply the same gentle pressure to the muzzle and the back of the head, which some believe provides a natural dominance. However, when used alone or incorrectly, the halter has the potential to create neck problems. Some dogs seem to get used to it; others never do.

molly3 20pc Molly a Miniature Schnauzer   Halter Training
Molly with Halter

If a head halter is used properly, even a child or elderly person can walk a dog wearing one.

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