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Pixie is a 4 year old Dachshund who lives with her Mom.

 Dachshund Pixie


During almost the whole of the first two years of Pixie’s life Mom was in hospital because of ill health and Dixie spent this time with Mom’s relatives. Now mom is at home but she can’t walk her because her hip problems so all time Pixie has to stay around house. Pixie’s circumstances prevented her from becoming properly socialized during early puppy hood. Instead Pixie developed some fear and aggression towards strangers. Plus, of course, she has no idea how to walk on a leash. These are just two of the reasons why she started coming for training.
Pixie is OK with other dogs, not showing any fear or aggression – but she has still not yet learnt how to play with them.

 Dachshund Pixie

Pixie with other dogs

Plan of action
I explained to Mom how she will became a leader of the pack, so that Pixie will respect Mom’s orders. This will help her to control Pixie when strangers are around – and how to explain to strangers the way they should approach Pixie in right way.
I talked to Mom’s daughter and granddaughter, who live nearby and asked them if they can regularly walk with Pixie and sometimes take her in a pet supply store – one of the best places to socialize dogs. Pet supply stores have a lot of different smells of peoples and dogs. This will stimulate Pixies mind and reduce her level of energy as well as help socialize her.
Also we will start obedience training with Pixie.

 Dachshund Pixie

Pixie on leash

After just two visits, we already have good progress with walking on leash, the sit command and she now lets people pet her. We will continue and I am sure that very soon she will over come all of her problems.

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