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Niko is a 9 month old black Pomeranian

 Pomeranian Niko


When a very lovely lady signed up for training she told us that her dog Niko, a little Pomeranian, is really aggressive towards strangers and everyone else in the household but is OK with other dogs.

 Pomeranian Niko

Niko with another dog

This little dog controls all his house: he climbs on furniture, guards his owner and doesn’t let anybody to pet him. He doesn’t know any commands.
The Lady explained that she tries to control Niko but when she goes to at work, her parents let him to do whatever he wants. They feed him from the table and let him go on the bed. So now Niko has become day by day more and more aggressive .
Most dogs are content to be treated as subordinate members of the pack, and to obey the commands of all members of their human family. Some dogs are unwittingly taught by their owners that they are the real leaders of the pack.
Once a dog thinks that he is the pack leader; he might use aggression to enforce his control. This is what has happened in Nikos’ family.
On his first day training, Niko learnt the ‘Sit’ and ‘Down’ commands as well as walking on a leash. He is not a puller.
At home his family will now follow new rules:

  • Withdraw all attention from Niko.
  • In Nikos’ life nothing is for free – he must do something for his owners.
  • Niko will only be allowed freedom within a restricted area.
  • During day with family observation Niko should wear a houseline. This is a 7 foot cotton long attached cord that snaps. It will be used for correcting Niko and to reduce the risk of bites as well as giving the family control of him.
  • Niko will sleep in his bed now. It is important to make sure that Nikos’ sleeping area is in an open space so that his confidence is not enhanced.

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