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I’m presently training Collie – Shepherd mix named Piper. Piper already knows all of the obedience commands.   


piper 20pc Puppy Piper


 Piper is very energetic and loves to play.




piper2 20pc1 Puppy Piper

Training Piper


What is play?

When you see a puppy or adult dog stalk, chase, or pounce on another dog, the dog displaying hunting behavior that is play. Play isn’t fun and games .For dog, play serves some very useful purposes. Research has shown that the dog isn’t very different genetically from the wolf. Wolf behavior is identical to that of domesticated dogs at play. A good game is a real workout for dog – not only physically, but also psychologically. It helps a dog to keep its reflexes as well as its muscles in good condition. 




piper3 cropped 25 Puppy Piper
Piper playing


Of course a good game with another dog will reduce their level of energy and remember Tired Dog = Good Dog.



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