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The family came in yesterday with their 8-month old female Collie mix, named Rascal. The Mother is a schoolteacher, and there’s the Father, and two children, a 13-year old girl and a 6-year old boy.

rascal1 25pc RASCAL (8 month old Collie Mix)

Rascal watching us

By the way, Rascal has just been trimmed, so that’s why her hair is so short. The daughter walks the dog frequently, but Rascal is always extremely excited and jumps on people she meets. She is friendly, but somewhat shy around other dogs until she gets to know them.

Since the Mother is a teacher, she understands the importance of how you speak to your dog, just as it is how you speak to your students.

rascal mother1 25pc RASCAL (8 month old Collie Mix)

Rascal with Mother

Yesterday we practiced walking on a leash, and I told them that when they meet another dog while walking, they should remain cool and calm (so as not to transfer any anxiety to the dog), speaking in a soft, soothing voice.

rascal son1 25pc RASCAL (8 month old Collie Mix)

Son walking Rascal

They should remove attention from Rascal when she is bad, and instead, praise her when she is good. The IGNORE command is also good when meeting other dogs once they learn it.

We also learned the commands SIT, SIT-STAY, and practiced them along with learning the proper way of passing through doorways.

rascal daughter1 25pc RASCAL (8 month old Collie Mix)

Daughter with Rascal

The session progressed well, and the whole family was very pleased and learned new ways for helping their dog. They will be returning for more training of Rascal.

rascal family1 25pc RASCAL (8 month old Collie Mix)

Rascal with Family

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