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Our canine friend Sammy, a cute 4 month old Maltese Poodle mix.

 Maltese Poodle mix canine friend Sammy


This week I started training a lot of new puppies.

Sammie, a 4 month old Maltese Poodle mix, is one of them .Today was his second visit. Sammie is very gentle, very smart, very well socialized, with a moderate temperament and a high ability to learn. His Mom is a responsible dog owner who wants to raise this cute Puppy the proper way.

 Maltese Poodle mix canine friend Sammy

Sammy with Mom

Mom signed Sammy up for training. On the first day I started to practice all of the obedience commands. Sammy was great. Today we repeated all of the exercises slowly and I started to add a little bit more time during the sit stay and down stay commands. I also started to teach him a few tricks such as Roll over & Crawl.

Next week he will come again. Until then his Mom will practice with him a few times each day with 5 to10 minute sessions. One of the exercises she will do is a handling exercise.

This is another step in teaching a puppy that the owner is the leader.

  • Start at the chest and run your hand down the front legs Play with feet and toes.
  • Go down along the ribcage to the rear legs. Play with feet and toes.
  • Play with puppy’s tail and massage the base of the tail.
  • Move up along the back rubbing the fur, check ears, massage and play with them.
  • Open puppy’s mouth. Check his eyes.  

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