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Semi, a Labrador mix, is almost 2 years old.

 Labrador mix Semi


When Semi started training this week, she didn’t know any commands.
She was pulling on her leash, very distractive and a little bit spooky around new surroundings. All of these problems are caused by as lack of training.
Semi needs to go through obedience training and then she won’t have any behavior problems.
There are actually two different situations:

  1. Obedience training is the process of teaching the dog to respond to commands.
  2. Behavior modification is the process of decreasing unwanted behavior and teaching correct behavior.
 Labrador mix Semi

Semi Training

Teaching Semi basic obedience training, especially the ‘stay’ command, will teach her to think what her body is doing.
Walking on loose leash and going through a door way after her handler will help to establish her owners’ leadership.

Semi needs to learn that nothing in life is for free and she doesn’t get her owners attention unless she does something her owners ask her to do:
  • Sit nicely before she will get her food bowl.
  • Maybe down  before she will get her toy.  

Through obedience training dogs learn to pay attention to their handler.

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