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Clancy is a very energetic 4 month Sheltie mix

 Sheltie mix Clancy


The best way to determine the temperament of mixed breed is to look up all combinations of any characteristic found in either breed.

 Sheltie mix Clancy

Clancey training


Clancy has very high learning abilities. Obedience training is fun for her. She will cutch exercises strait away. 
She is definitely a Sheltie mix.
Sheltie is  a herding breed and because of that they have a strong desire to chase things. They are very intelligent and active. Some Shelties like to bark – and bark and bark. They need stimulating games and plenty of face time with their owners.
Training for any activities helps strengthen the human – dog bond. A tired dog is happy dog and one less likely to cause mischief
A dog focuses energy on the exercise at hand and becomes more settled and tractable.
Dogs need a purpose in their lives. Obviously, some *activities depend on owner lifestyle and activity level.
Some activates with dogs:

Because Clancy is very fast and likes to run I will suggest to her Mom that she joins a “Beginning Agility Puppy” class after obedience training.

 Sheltie mix Clancy

Clacey with Mom

Puppies can train for tunnel work and practice on jumps lower than elbow height. Puppies shouldn’t work on contact equipment, such as A-frames, dog walks, and see-saws, until their physical coordination is good, usually just before six month.

Depending on their physical condition and enthusiasm, dogs can continue in agility until they are 8-10 years old. Different forms of agility are available for less athletic dogs.

Before you begin any activity or exercise regimen with your dog talk to your vet.

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