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Teaching Dogs Tricks

 Teaching Dogs Tricks

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Dog owners are proud to show off their dog’s tricks. In addition, trick training may strengthen the owner-dog bond. In trick training, people learn to have fun with their dogs.

 Teaching Dogs Tricks

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Trick training uses a great variety of teaching techniques.
Both lure/reward and clicker training are used liberally in trick training.

 Teaching Dogs Tricks

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Some common tricks that are based on natural canine behavior include:

  • Wiping an itchy face with a front paw
  • Placing a paw in a person’s lap for attention
  • Play bowing (taking a bow)
  • Creeping forward while lying down to reach a toy without getting up
  • Sitting up (although many dogs cheat by resting a paw on a chair or person)
  • Retrieving and transporting objects

Because dogs already behave in these ways, owners just have to establish cues to bring out the behaviors. That is, the owner must teach the dog a word that connects with the natural behavior.
Some behaviors are adaptations or refinements of natural behaviors.
But there are also other methods: Manipulation, Frustration and Mimicking.
You can capture some interesting behavior and reward them as they occur.
Dogs become good at figuring out when they are rewarded. They will then duplicate the rewarded behavior.

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