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Our canine friend Pan, a fearful 1 year old puppy Terrier Chihuahua mix.

 Terrier Chihuahua mix canine friend Pan


Pan is a 1 year old Terrier Chihuahua mix. He was adopted from a shelter couple of months ago by very nice family. Nobody knows what happened with him in his ex- life. He was probably abused. He is very insecure, fearful and aggressive towards strangers: barking, growling, and attempting to bite.
A situation when a lot of owners want to believe that this is some type of “protection”. Dogs that display aggression toward neutral strangers aren’t being protective! They are often unpredictable.
A fearful dog behaves as if there’s a threat when in reality there is no threat.
Hackles up, the hairs on the neck and back up and ears pinned-down all signal fear.
Fear is nature’s way of keeping dogs safe and he will not lose fears until he has had lot of positive experience.
I took Pan into the training room and let him adjust to the environment for while. Then after I let in a few little dogs he was just sat and didn’t show any interest towards the other dogs. He was definitely nervous.

 Terrier Chihuahua mix canine friend Pan

Pan ignoring other dogs

I started training and he didn’t show any aggression toward me or any of the other people in our facility

 Terrier Chihuahua mix canine friend Pan

Pan training

Obedience training will help Pan to be more confident and his owners will learn how to control him in different situations.

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