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abby 20pc The Challenge!


The first time I met Abby, a couple month ago, she was 7 months old and had never socialized with other dogs, never been exposed to different environments and didn’t know anything about obedience training.


Her owner wasn’t walking her because she was pulling, jumping all over her they didn’t know how to control her.

Abby was WILD! She was overloaded by energy!

When I talked to Abbeys owner she told me that she was looking for a Golden Retriever because she had read that they very gentle and friendly. So she was really surprised that her Abby was nothing like that. She was even more surprised when we told her that Abby is an American Field Golden Retriever. These are dogs who are very hyer and energetic requiring a lot of dally exercises.

I start training Abby. To teach her to walk on loose leash was a really challenge! Loose leash! It was a challenge even to put on leash! It took me a lot of practice with her before she could walk on her leash.

Once she had learnt to walk on a leash, her owners started taking her for regular long walks a few times each day to reduce her level of energy. We say Tired Dog, Good Dog!

Slowly she started learning all of the obedience command.

Very fortunately she was OK with other dogs from the very first day – even though she had never played with dogs before!


Now with a big effort from her owners and with our help, Abby is a very different Dog!

Good luck Abby!

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