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The Dog Training “Ignore Command” also means “Leave it”

 The Dog Training "Ignore" command

Dogs obeying the Leave command

The “Ignore” command is probably the most important command you can teach your dog.
This command prevents your dog from taking something that could possibly cause injury.  Once your dog has learnt this you can use it in many different situations such as:

  • Ignore another dog – which could be aggressive
  • Ignore an object – which could can be toxic

and much more…

 The Dog Training "Ignore" command

Ignore command

The “Ignore” command simply means that a dog should leave something alone – whatever the dog is messing with. It should get away from that object, ignore it and stop messing with it.
It is also used as a command in snake proofing and poison proofing dogs
The “Ignore” command is more advanced than the most other commands – so you shouldn’t expect your dog to learn it immediately. Be patient and work on it a little bit at a time.

 The Dog Training "Ignore" command

Ignore command

The “Ignore” command example #1

  • Find something that you never allow your dog to have.
  • Hold the item out in front of you in your hand.
    • If your dog tries try to get the item say “Ignore” and gently push his muzzle away from the object.
    • Repeat this a few times until he reliably stops trying to reach the object as soon as the “Ignore“ command is given.
  • Put the item on the ground and move little bit back so that dog will see the item in the open space.
    • As he goes for the item say “Ignore”
      • If he stops, praise him
      • If he continues to go toward item move his muzzle away.
  • Continue this exercise until you can leave the item and your dog ignore it by himself.

When you are teaching any exercise to a dog, be sure that the dog can perform each step before you advance to the next step or the next level.

 The “Ignore” command example #2

  • Get a treat that your dog really likes
  • Choose a place away from the area where you’ll be training with the “Ignore” exercise.
  • Plant interesting items, such as tennis shoes or slippers, around the area.
  • Put a collar and leash on your dog.
  • Take your dog into area with items.
  • Start walking with your dog.
  • When you come close to object that takes his eye, say “Ignore“ in firm voice
    • As soon the dog ignore the object say “Good” and praise the dog with a tasty treat.
    • If your dog doesn’t ignore the object after you say “Ignore”, give a light “pop” on leash to get the dog’s attention then repeat the command. Then say ”Good boy, Ignore” to praise him.
  • Repeat this exercise a few times until he understands what “Ignore “means.

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