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I am really happy to meet responsible dog owners especially if they are my students.

When I say responsible owner, I mean people who have researched the kind of dog they want that will match their style of life and temperament so they know what to expect.


I am a dog trainer but most time I need to train pet owners parents!

When I met Janice I knew right away that she is one such responsible owner.

She came to train her lovely 5 month Jack Russell Terrier named Kalbi. They just moved from the South where she was doing Puppy training. Now she wants to continue training Kalbi to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Janice told me Kalbi is her second Jack Russell and she knows all about this breed. In particular she likes they way their agility improves as they get older.


kalbi1 The Team



 I first let Kalbi investigate our training room before letting her meet with the other dogs and saying hello to them. She was very happy and quickly started playing with her new friends.

kalbi friend The Team

Kalbi & friend


 Training was great because she knows almost all the obedience commands. We need to spend time to practice “down”, “stay” and “sit –stay”. On her test she need to obey these instructions with her owner some distance away. There are always lots of distractions around and Janice need to learn how redirect Kalbi‘s attention towards her instead.

kalbi down stay The Team

Down StaySit Stay

Janice and Kalbi are a team.

It would be so easy for me if all my students are like them!

kalbi janice The Team

Kalbi & Janice



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