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The Positive or Treat training method is most effective for reinforcing and enhancing learning for dogs.

treats 300x208 Treats for dog and puppy training

Training with Treats

Not all but most dogs are motivated by food and focus on the treat as it is presented to them.
It is good to have a variety of threats for training.
There are almost as many different treats for dogs as there are toys.

treats2 Treats for dog and puppy training

Dry Treats

Some are simply small dry pellets similar to dry food though many trainers prefer soft moist bits that can be eaten more quickly than dry treats and won’t cause choking.
For intense training, there are slices of sausage-style rolls made with meat and grains

treats3 Treats for dog and puppy training

Meat treats - that can be broken into pieces

soft pieces of freeze-dried liver or strips of beef jerky that can be broken into pieces.

treats4 Treats for dog and puppy training

healthy Treats

How to choose healthy treats

Read the ingredients panel of any treats you consider buying

Pass it by if it contains artificial preservatives and colors, animal products from unnamed species, or animal by- products.

Check the ingredients list for foods your dog may be allergic to or intolerant of.


You can use real, fresh food for treats:

  • bits of cheese
  • cooked meat
  • pieces of fruit
  • pieces of vegetable.

If you use a lot of treats in training, factor them in and adjust the dog’s meal-time food accordingly.

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