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Our canine friend Tucker, a hyper-active cute 5 month old Terrier mix.

 Terrier mix canine friend Tucker

Tucker is a very cute, playful, happy, hyper 5 month old terrier mix. Today was his first day of training. He started to learning how to walk  on a leash, sit & stay, down & stay, stand & stay, come, go through a door way. After he was practicing by himself and with his owner they both learnt a lot. Now they just need regular practice at home.

 Terrier mix canine friend Tucker

Tucker with Mom

 When puppies go through life, they notice which behaviors produce the results they enjoy – such as food, praise or fun. Then they repeat those as often as possible, but if they discover that one of their behaviors produces undesirable results, they will avoid that in the future.

When you reward a puppy with treats, praise or something positive you are telling him ”That’s Good, Do it again”.

Puppies learn best though repetition.

If training session are not going well go back to something your puppy knows well, praise him and then stop the session.

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