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Understanding the Posture of dogs will help you to better communicate with your canine friend

The word ‘pet’ comes from the Scottish Gaelic word peata, which means “to love by caressing and fondling’. For many dog owners, their dog’s role as an object for affectionate contact is a central part of the relationship.

 Understanding your Canine Friend

Pet Dogs

Knowing how dogs communicate with other dogs and people is very important for every owner to understand. This knowledge can prevent their dog biting. Very seldom does someone get bitten without the dog first communicating its attitude.

Dog postures are general descriptions: watch your own dog and watch other dogs. You will learn the deferent moods from their posture communications.

Communication allows dogs and people to become familiar with one another, to bond with each other, and to live peacefully with one another.

Communications – the exchange of social information – helps dogs express their emotional and motivational states.

Types of Dogs Postures

 Understanding your Canine Friend

Dog Postures

  • Aggressive
    • Stiff legs and body
    • Ears back (may be forward)
    • Teeth bared
    • Hackles risen
    • Eyes fixed (or eyes narrowed)
    • Lips drawn back
    • Growling
  • Submissive
    • A dog rolls over on his back with tail between his legs or tail down head lowered and licking up, ears flat or back
  • Dominant
    • A dog resting his chin on another dog’s back, mount another dog to show that he is the alpha dog in the group.
    • Tail up or back, standing tall, eyes fixed ears up and forward.
  • Friendly
    • Smiling, happy face.
    • Panting
    • Short, high-pitched barking accompanied by a relaxed facial expression
    • Tail wagging held out and up from body.
  • Playful
    • “Play bow” Leaning down tail waging happily.
  • Alert
    • Tail may move from side to side, standing tall, ears forward, eyes wide.

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