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Chloe is a 5 year old Vizsla

 Vizsla Chloe


Chloe is a happy full of life dog. Unfortunately, a lack of training in Chloe’s early life and not enough exercise have made her become very destructive: *barking, pulling on her leash, jumping and not coming when called.

But now, after just two weeks of training Chloe has made big progress.

 Vizsla Chloe

Chloe training

Chloe’s owners regularly practice all of her exercises. They have changed a lot in their household – working on leadership exercises and every day they take Chloe for long walks to release her energy.

 Vizsla Chloe

Chloe behaving

*Auditory signals (vocalizing) are those related to the sense of hearing. They generally complement and reinforce visual signals.

Dogs bark, yelp, growl, whine or howl depending on the situation.

Dog owners should understand what their dog tries to say.


  • Expresses fear, boredom, or excitement.
  • Warns the family about an unexpected sight, smell, or sound
  • Threatens a dog or person


  • Reacts to pain, such as an injury.
  • Reacts to shock or fright, such as a sudden noise.


  • Establishes dominance over other dogs.
  • Warns dogs or humans to stay away.


  • Expresses unhappiness or loneliness
  • Communicates a need, such as a desire for food.


  • Expresses loneliness when left alone for long periods.
  • Attracts the attention of other dogs.
  • Announces the capture or freeing of prey.

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