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Wendell is a 13 week old Weimaraner puppy

 Weimaraner puppy Wendell


The Weimaraner breed of dog has been nicknamed the “Gray Ghost”.
This hardy sporting dog did everything from retrieve birds to take on bears, deer, wolves and wild pigs. They are very smart, but they are also startlingly independent thinkers who can sulk if they don’t get their way. These dogs may look mellow, but they requires a strong owner or they will take over the house.
Sporting dogs have been bred for centuries to work closely with people. Because their instinct to hunt is so strong, training is simply a matter of channeling inborn behaviors.
For this reason, positive reinforcement is often used when teaching sporting breeds.
Commands that form the foundation for training hunting dogs include Sit, Stay, Come, Fetch, and Give.

 Weimaraner puppy Wendell

Wendell training

It is very good that Wendell has started training as young puppy. Weimaraner, or Weims, must be well socialized to counter their tendencies toward shyness or aggressiveness.
If owners are planning to take a *hunt test and field trial the dog should be comfortable around other dogs and with having strangers touch them.
Hunting dog must also be in good physical shape.

*The American Kennel Club (AKC) has sanctioned performance event such as field trials and hunt tests for more than100 years.

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