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Lines is an 18 month old Wheaten Terrier

 Wheaten Terrier Lines


Lines went through a complete obedience training course and now he comes regularly for refresher training and to play with other dogs.

 Wheaten Terrier Lines

Lines Training

Lines lives with a very nice young family and one month ago they had a new baby. Before baby was born we discussed what they should do with their environment – what they needed to change and how they would introduce baby to Lines without a problem.
Now is everything all right and every body in the family is happy.
Dogs are creatures of habit so try to keep their routine as normal as possible. Try not to make too many changes. But if you are planning to do so, start early in adjusting your dog to new sleeping, feeding, playing areas or maybe a new schedule for walking.
Allow your dog to explore a babys’ sleeping and diaper changing areas as well as related items such as baby powder, lotions, and diapers to become familiar with the new smells and objects.
When your baby first arrives home, have mother enter first without baby. Another person should hold the baby whilst Mom greets your dog. Bring your dog a new toy as a gift to associate the baby with something positive.
Never leave your dog alone with a baby.
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