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Lulu is a seven year old Yellow Labrador Retriever

 Yellow Labrador Retriever Lulu.

Lulu with Mum

Lulu is very friendly Yellow *Labrador Retriever, with a non stop wagging tail and happy smile. A few weeks ago Lulu was **adopted by very lovely lady who lost her husband a couple months ago. She came from a home where she was no longer wanted.

 Yellow Labrador Retriever Lulu.

Lulu (left) & Friend

Lulu and her new mum have already become the best of friends. Both of them have just recovered from difficult time, but mum doesn’t want to spoil Lulu. Mum wants to build a balanced relationship with her new doggie and that’s why she came to refresh Lulu’s obedience training.

 Yellow Labrador Retriever Lulu.

Lulu training with Mum

*Labradors are well balanced and friendly. They love people and are adaptable to a wide range of functions – making very good pets. They are very easy to train as they love to please.

**All good relationships are based on trust and friendship. A Dog has to learn that you will do what is best for him and to trust you. Along with trust and friendship, a dog needs to have firm guidelines on what is acceptable behavior and what is not. It is important that you show your dog what is required from him and reward him for showing the correct behavior.

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