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Rocky is a 9 month old Yorkie

 Yorkie mix Rocky


Rocky is a very smart and happy doggie. He knows all the obedience commands but he often disobeys the owners command and tries to do things his way.
We started practicing obedience commands more seriously. And his Family have started establishing * leadership over him.
After two visits they can already see improvement in him.
Now he has become more respectful towards his human pack members.

 Yorkie mix Rocky

Rocky with Dad

*To establish Leadership his parents need to DO the following:

  • Proceed first through narrow passages.
  • Eat before you feed your dog.
  • Call dog to you to give affection.
  • Ignore or discourage pawing, nudging and whining.
  • Ignore your dog first thing in the morning, when you get home and when you come in.
  • Initiate games with your dog, make sure you win them and end up with possession of the toy.
  • Make your dog Sit before you give meals or any treat.
  • Make your dog Sit before being petted.

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