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Henry is a 5 month old Yorkie Poodle mix.

 Yorkie Poodle mix Henry


Henry’s Dad seems to be a very responsible pet owner but has one very annoying problem with Henry: accidents in the house.
It is very important to keep a puppy under observation.
The puppy’s parent should establish a signal for the puppy to use when he becomes older to indicate that he needs to go outside – such as teaching him to ring the bell.
Very often a dog will establish his own signal, such sitting in front of the door, glancing at the door or barking near the door. Pet parent must be alert to any of these signals that their dog sends.
It’s very important that the owner goes out with their dog and has a have a few treats in his pocket. When an owner takes a puppy to his potty spot he needs to give an appropriate command to the dog, such as “hurry, hurry”, “go potty” or ” park” and after that he needs wait until dog has relieved himself before straight away praising the dog.
During the house-training process a puppy shouldn’t use a dog door. The owner must go with the puppy to be sure that he has done his business.
A Puppy House Training booklet is available by clicking this link if you need more detailed help to train your puppy.

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